About Me: Creator of Kevin's Kandles


I am semi-retired from the fire service after 32+ years in Westmount and Montreal, Canada I also recently served an appointment for the United Nations as the Fire Marshall for UNMIL –Liberia, Africa in 2007 and 2008.

As a member of the Fire Service for most of my life I have a passion for fire safety and fire prevention.

Now, let’s look at the “safer candle” as a consumable product that is an alternative to the millions of traditional candles that are purchased monthly.

Why would the introduction of this product work? Because the cost to the consumer is less than half of the cost of conventional candles.

The collateral benefits are what truly interest me. The introduction and wide spread use of these emergency candles could greatly reduce the loss of life, injury and property damage caused by candle related fires. The call-out of local fire departments and security personnel will be greatly reduced again saving money and reducing the number of injuries to firefighters.

This can only be considered a Win–Win situation.

I am requesting an opportunity to meet with your organization, to present this idea and discuss a possible program for its distribution. As stated earlier; I was never a candle salesman, nor was I a manufacturer. I have taken on these roles because I am an individual with an idea that has the real and immediate potential of helping millions of people.

Every time there is an accidental candle fire I am saddened to think that it may have been easily prevented with the use of Kevin’s Kandles. Let’s make it happen!

Knowing that we are all searching for ways to improve fire safety and fire prevention in our communities; let’s work as a team!!!!!

The Westmount Examiner - Dawson still promotes fire prevention

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