A Safer and Cost-Effective Floating Emergency Candle

A package of Kevin’s Kandles costing MSRP less than $10.00 USD and contains sufficient supplies when combined with your vegetable oil to create 100 candles. Factoring in the average cost of vegetable oil in North America will provide the consumer with 100 - 10 hour candles for less than 25¢ per candle. There is no other candle on the market at this low price. It is conceivable that you, as a consumer would only require one package in your lifetime. If the consumer decides to use these candles instead of traditional candles in a non-power failure situation as a means to improve their safety – so much the better.

Costing Breakdown:

1 Pack Kevin’s Kandles (100 candles @ $10.00 USD) 10¢/per candle

Vegetable oil - Cost per ounce:

* 1.42 Litres/ 48 oz. @ $ 5.49 12.5¢/per candle
* 3 Litres / 102 oz. @ $ 4.99 4.8¢/per candle
* 5 Gallons US / 640 oz. @ $ 25.00 4.3¢/per candle


Shipping Carton:

Wholesale carton measures approximately 20 x 15 x 15”, and weighs approximately 22 pounds. It contains 500 packages of Kevin’s Kandles or 50,000 candles that could provide 500 families with 3+ months of illumination.

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